Milwaukee Bucks: Key Player Matchups in Potential First Round Playoff Meetings

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Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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John Wall vs. Malcolm Brogdon

John Wall is an immensely talented player, and the masterful floor general of this formidable Wizards team. Although Brogdon has beaten expectations in his rookie season, there’s no chance he will be able to keep pace with the four-time All Star. But if he can come back strong from the back injury that has kept him out of action the past week, “The President” might be able to slow Wall down.

Brogdon has proven that he can contribute offensively, even against talented competition. Still fresh in the minds of Bucks fans is the clutch fourth quarter he had to beat the Celtics. Out of all the teams Brogdon has faced, his second highest scoring average comes against the Wizards (14 points per game). With his savvy finishing and accurate three-point shooting, you can expect Brogdon to do his part on offense.

However, it’s on the less glamorous side of the ball where Brogdon can really shine. In the first three matchups between these teams, Matthew Dellavedova was the starter, and Wall averaged 20 points and 12.3 assists per game. When Brogdon started in the fourth matchup, he held Wall to 16 points and 7 assists, his lowest scoring total against the Bucks this season. Even more impressive is that Giannis was out for that game, meaning Brogdon didn’t have the help of the most impactful rim protector the Bucks have.

While Delly has been known for his gritty defense, the slightly faster Brogdon will fare better in terms of staying in front of the lightning quick Wall. Fortunately, Brogdon doesn’t have to outshine Wall or shut him down. He just has to slow him down enough and let the Bucks stars do their jobs to give the team a chance in these seven games.