NBA Power Rankings: The Regular Season Finale

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Previous: 19th. Charlotte Hornets. 20. team. 170. Charlotte has lost their past four games after making a respectable run for the playoffs. They’ll be in the lottery this season with the 11th pick in the draft should they not move up. They’re a team that could be right back into the mix next season, but adding a piece or two in free agency would really help this team. Steve Clifford is a good coach, keep an eye on them.. (36-46)

Detroit Pistons. 19. team. 64. Detroit split the week going 2-2, and finish the season with a trip to Orlando. They were right in the thick of things with a couple of weeks to play, but were unable to put together the wins to stay in the race. <a rel=. (37-44). Previous: 20th

team. 73. Denver needed a huge week to make the playoffs but struggled, going 2-2. Even after missing out on the playoffs, this team proved that they have a lot of talent moving forward, and a star in <a rel=. (39-42). Previous: 18th. Denver Nuggets. 18

Miami Heat. 17. team. 110. The Heat are one game away from ending the season 41-41. Even if they miss the playoffs, going .500 would be an incredible turn around after starting the season 11-30. They need a win and a loss by either the Pacers or Bulls to continue their season. Miami would be an interesting eighth seed, as they’ve been on a tear for a long time.. (40-41). Previous: 17th

The Bulls went 2-1 this week, putting them in position to make the playoffs with a win over the Nets. They were taken out by Brooklyn earlier in the week by one point, giving the final game of the season a little extra juice. The Bulls looked dead in the water when <a rel=. (41-40). Previous: 15th. Chicago Bulls. 16. team. 24