NBA Power Rankings: The Regular Season Finale

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Indiana Pacers. 15. team. 100. Indiana has won their last four games to put them in a position to make the playoffs. Their last game is against the Hawks, in a win and get in situation. Indiana is entering a critical offseason, as they head into <a rel=. (41-40). Previous: 16th

14. team. 34. Portland has clinched their playoff spot, winning three of their games this week. <a rel=. (41-40). Previous: 12th. Portland Trail Blazers

Milwaukee clinched their playoff berth with a win over the 76ers. With a Tuesday night Atlanta Hawks win, the Bucks then clinched the sixth seed. Milwaukee will play the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the playoffs. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of effort they give in the postseason, as they’ve really struggled recently. Serge Ibaka and <a rel=. (42-39). Previous: 13th. Milwaukee Bucks. 13. team. 89

Previous: 14th. Atlanta Hawks. 12. team. 125. Atlanta was a game above .500 entering the week, but managed to get it going this week with four wins. It was a very impressive week, with wins coming against the Celtics, Cavaliers (twice), and Hornets. Paul Milsap is back, making the Hawks a difficult matchup for the Wizards. Atlanta has the veteran presence to get <a rel=. (43-38)

211. Memphis continues to struggle going 1-2 this week. They were 40-30 three weeks ago, and look to be an easy out for the San Antonio Spurs. That being said, this team has given the Spurs trouble in the playoffs on multiple occasions. They still have a little time to get themselves in order. Their final game is against the Mavericks, where they hope to find a spark.. (43-38). Previous: 11th. Memphis Grizzlies. 11. team