Milwaukee Bucks: Analyzing Malcolm Brogdon/Kyle Lowry Matchup

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Malcolm Brogdon entered the NBA as a highly polished defender having gone a full term at Virginia, and hasn’t really shown any signs of that slipping in his first season in the league.

Although not the fastest guard, Brogdon’s strength and positional awareness makes it very rare for an opponent to beat him easily one-on-one. Brogdon doesn’t panic if a faster man gets by him, and is often well-positioned to contest, even if he has been unable to disrupt the play beforehand.

It’s rarely talked about, but Brogdon also boasts an almost 6’11” wingspan. When coupled with the five inch and 10-15lbs advantages he’ll hold over the diminutive Lowry, it makes for an interesting wrinkle to the matchup on defense.

While playing at Virginia, Brogdon was a two-time ACC Defensive Player of the Year, and the NABC Defensive Player of the Year for 2016. As a second round pick, he’s showed no signs of fear at any point this season, and with the combination of his physical tools and intelligence he’s definitely capable of challenging Lowry.

Lowry has overcome many of the more obvious holes in his defensive game throughout the years, thanks to the studious and tenacious approach he brings to the court night in and night out.

Having just finished his 11th season as a professional, the 31-year-old has spent his entire career guarding some of the best players and trickiest covers the NBA has to offer, and he has arguably improved defensively the longer time has gone on.

Lowry certainly won’t be fazed by the prospect of a rookie challenging him, but he’ll need to take the threats Brogdon poses seriously and pay constant attention to ensure he can control the matchup on that end.

Even with Brogdon’s accomplished shooting, Lowry would love nothing more than to see Brogdon parked out beyond the arc for this series. If Brogdon can get downhill moving towards the rim, his size backed up by momentum should prove too much even for the surprisingly strong Lowry.

Toronto’s floor general has all the experience in this matchup, so it’s up to him to dictate where the pair’s pivotal encounters play out.