Milwaukee Bucks 2016-17 Season Review: Jason Terry

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Summer Focus and Final Grade

For the second consecutive summer, Terry will be back on the free agent market, like a few of his fellow Bucks teammates.

Considering he signed a veteran minimum deal with the team last year, it’s safe to assume that would be the same case this year, should both Terry and the Bucks be interested for another go around as has been suggested.

If that follows through, all that is left for Terry to focus on during the offseason is to continue building on what he started upon his arrival to the team this season. As he has talked about at many points this year, Terry has been very vocal about expanding on the team’s burgeoning culture and the offseason will seemingly be no different.

No matter the age or the experience, there’s always something for a player to pick up on as they ready themselves for next season. As Rashad Vaughn touched on during his exit interview last week, Terry has already been looking to extend on the work they’ve put in throughout the season into this summer:

"“They’ve been everything. Even last year when it was just Khris, but JET coming here helped me out a lot. Having that vet leadership, him being in the league so long and being so old, he helped me out with a lot of things. He’s even going to help me out this summer. I’m going to go down and work with him for about a week, same with Khris, just trying to keep that going.”"

In no time, we can assume Vaughn won’t be alone in that and the more who follow his lead in working out with JET, the better the team will be for it as a whole come the start of training camp.

In his first season in Milwaukee, Jason Terry was asked to bring together a locker room that was in need of that veteran voice and to perform capably while on the court. It was a role he delivered on in both aspects and should he back here next year, there’s no reason to expect anything different.

BTBP Final Grade: B+

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