Milwaukee Bucks 2016-17 Season Review: Mirza Teletovic

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The Worst of Teletovic

Of course, the feast and famine nature of Teletovic’s three-point shooting this year came to define his first season in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, there was more of the latter than anyone would have liked, including Teletovic himself.

As a result, Teletovic’s rollercoaster year was not only displayed through his inconsistent play, but also through his role within the team. While he did play in 70 games this year and was given the occasional spot start (two to be exact, including on opening night), Teletovic’s minutes fluctuated as his shooting struggles persisted over the course of the year.

With his reliability becoming a concern, Teletovic’s minutes were seemingly tied to another player capable of being a spark plug in his own right, Michael Beasley.

That created a scenario in which coach Kidd would roll with whoever had it going, leaving both Teletovic and Beasley falling out of favor for one another in Kidd’s rotation at various times throughout the season.

However, that arrangement came to a head during the team’s playoff series against the Toronto Raptors this season as Teletovic’s struggles carried over into the postseason and with Beasley still suffering from the after effects of his leg injury he suffered late in the season.