NBA Draft 2017 Prospect Watch: Donovan Mitchell

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While the obvious concern is his size, Mitchell’s wingspan really creates great opportunities for the former Cardinal to overcome that issue and thrive against NBA competition.

Instead, the biggest concern for Mitchell in his present state should be that he lacks polish. Mitchell has shown glimpses of being able to do so many varied and exciting things, but still inconsistencies have somewhat held him back.

Like every other draft prospect, Mitchell is going to need time to work, but what could be even more important for him is guidance.

Mitchell has shown glimpses of key skills that are required from either guard spot, but has yet to really show himself rounded out as either one.

He has an excellent eye for cuts and a sweet shooting stroke, but his shot selection lets him down and there are further elements of off-ball movement that could remain untapped. According to Draft Express’ breakdown video, Mitchell ranked in the 90th percentile when unguarded. If he can learn how to create better looks for himself and improve as a decision-maker, the sky is the limit.

Mitchell also has the kind of speed and shifty handle that could make him a menace in the pick-and-roll, but at present he fails to find the roller with anywhere near the regularity he should, and also settles back when he should be attacking.

Part of Mitchell’s next step could come in defining what kind of player he should be at the next level, and then improving his decision-making within that mold. Ultimately he may become a complete guard capable of excelling at the one or the two, but first of all he needs to iron out some of the kinks that currently prevent him from being a natural at either position.