NBA Draft 2017 Prospect Watch: Donovan Mitchell

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Fit with the Bucks

Donovan Mitchell is a perfect fit for the Bucks, and a player who could fall within their range in the draft while also possessing the kind of upside and talent to become a star down the line.

Although he needs plenty of polish as a distributor, Mitchell’s speed and change of pace could give the Bucks the kind of really dynamic option they’re missing in their point guard rotation. Alternatively, he could offer real value as a lockdown wing defender with potential to continue to grow as a shooter too.

Both of those roles are more valuable than ever in the NBA. Although the Bucks have a couple of three-and-D style wings already, a Tony Snell departure could open a hole which Mitchell could fill comfortably.

Beyond that, if the Bucks and Jason Kidd insist on sticking to their defensive scheme which is predicated by switches and frequent gambles, Mitchell’s high IQ, concentration and length would make him a natural fit.

Think of the terror a lineup consisting of Malcolm Brogdon, Mitchell, Khris Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Thon Maker could cause defensively.

Character, athleticism and skill-set all point toward him being a natural fit for the Bucks, now it just depends on where Donovan falls on draft night.

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Although he has regularly been mocked to Milwaukee at 17, there’s a real chance that Mitchell gets picked sooner. If that looks set to be the case on draft night, the Bucks might owe it to themselves to make calls on what it would take to move up a spot or two.