Milwaukee Bucks: Draft day decisions mini-roundtable

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Who do you think is the best player who the Bucks could realistically take at 17?

Adam McGee: The best player is Donovan Mitchell, but I can’t talk myself into him realistically falling that far, so I’ll go with Harry Giles. If the Bucks want to find a potential star, Giles could be that guy. But there’ll be good reason if he does make it as far as 17, and his injury history would be just as much of a risk for the Bucks as anyone else.

Leander Wallace: Justin Jackson fits the mold of what the Bucks have looked for in previous years. He is a long athlete who buys in to the defensive end of the floor. Anytime you have a chance to get the ACC Player of the Year at 17, you take it. I don’t think he will be available at 17, but if he is the Bucks, in my opinion, would happily jump on the opportunity to take him.

Adam Coffman: Going off production, John Collins is one of the top collegiate players in the draft, and whether or not it’s a founded belief, I have hope that he can develop into a capable three-point marksman. That ability would turn him into a dangerous offensive player, with Thon and Giannis ideally being able to cover for his weaknesses on defense.

Zach Pellowski: I’d like the Bucks to take Isaiah Hartenstein at 17. We already know the Bucks traditionally love lengthy international players, why not add another complete upside big man to the mix? Plus, he’s a lefty!

Steven Donovan: Donovan Mitchell could be available at 17, although it’s a stretch. Immediate impact could be Justin Jackson from UNC.

Alex Lanson: I think the best possible player the Bucks can hope for here is OG Anunoby from Indiana. He is arguably the best defensive player in the draft, along with many of the intangibles and instincts it takes to make it in the NBA. Although he may not lead a team in scoring, he will find other ways to help his team win.

Jordan Treske: Through all the various mock drafts, big boards, simulations and artificial raffles (ok, I may have made that last one up) I’ve consumed over the last month or so, I find it hard to talk myself into taking the various big men that have been regularly slotted in that range throughout this process. So as I say that, the one player that could prove to be the best player — in the long run — who could be available at 17 is Harry Giles.

Reid Mueller: Justin Jackson. He’ll need to drop a few spots based on the mocks, but he gives the Bucks another athletic wing. Tony Snell’s future is in doubt as the team creeps to the luxury tax limit, so some insurance would be great.

Lukas Harkins: Realistically, I think the best player the Bucks could select right now would be Luke Kennard. He is the most polished offensive player in the Bucks area of drafting and many of the big men are projects for the future. Kennard might not be an NBA star, but keep in mind that while picking at 17, grabbing a strong shooter/rotation player is typically a win.