Milwaukee Bucks: Draft day decisions mini-roundtable

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Who would your ideal choice be for the 48th pick?

McGee: Frank Mason III. For what he lacks in size, he has in abundance in experience and proven ability. He’d offer something the Bucks are lacking in their point guard rotation, and so my pick would be the Naismith College Player of the Year.

Wallace: I love Dorsey. He is projected to go right around where the Bucks select in the second round. If you have watched NBA basketball lately you know that shooting is the most coveted skill in the league right now. Dorsey is not an elite athlete, but he is one of the best shooters in this draft. The way the league is set up right now you have to be an Uber athlete (Giannis, Westbrook, etc.) to survive without at least a serviceable outside shot. However, guys who can consistently shoot the ball can make a living in the league even if they aren’t, by NBA standards, great athletes.

Coffman: Going strictly off players DraftExpress has at 45 or lower, I like the idea of Devin Robinson, a combo forward who thrives in transition and can knock down open threes to boot. Most of the negatives surrounding him deal with his effort and consistency rather than lack of ceiling, so I think he could be a major coup if brought along properly.

Pellowski: At 48, the Bucks should take Dillon Brooks out of Oregon. Yes he’s older, but then again he was the PAC-12 Player of the Year over Fultz and Ball. The pick would seem similar to Brogdon last year, as an older but skilled player who can make an impact now and in the future.

Donovan: Tyler Dorsey. He’s hands down one of the best clutch shooters available.

Lanson: The ideal choice with the 48th pick is Tyler Dorsey. The Greek-American player has made it clear he would enjoy playing for the Bucks, and he could turn into a solid 3-and-D guy with the right coaching.

Treske: I’ve grown confident that Wesley Iwundu, the player I’ve been intrigued the most by throughout this process, will probably be gone by the time the Bucks are on the board at 48. But in the off chance he’s not, I think Iwundu would be more than worthy of taking at that spot. To me, he has a unique skill set and combining that with his size as well as his versatility, he’d be a welcome addition for a team like the Bucks, who would be suited to fill out their wing depth even further through the draft.

Mueller: PJ Dozier, South Carolina. He has a great frame at 6’6″ with a 6’11” wingspan, mixed with the signature Frank Martin, tough nosed defense. He played very well en route to SC’s first Final Four in school history, even showing some impressive playmaking ability. His shot is a huge question mark, but the Bucks could use an Andre Roberson type.

Harkins: If our first round pick does happen to be a big man, then I would like to go for shooting in the second round. That being said, Tyler Dorsey is someone I could see still being on the board and his shooting would be a nice addition.