Milwaukee Bucks: Draft day decisions mini-roundtable

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Should the Bucks consider trading up or down, or just be happy to stay put?

McGee: I’m not very inspired by the players likely to fall in the Bucks’ range in terms of fit or potential, so I’d absolutely be looking to move the pick. If they can move up to a spot where someone like Ntilikina, Mitchell or Anunoby are in play, it’d be worth considering. Alternatively, an easier option may be to trade down with a team with two picks in the late first, early second section of the draft. I don’t feel there’ll be a big drop-off there, and the Bucks could certainly land more obvious fits in that range.

Wallace: If the Bucks could trade up and get a guy like Malik Monk, I would be thrilled. He is a lights out shooter, but he wouldn’t take quite as much to get as the guys projected top-5. A guy like Kennard would take even less as he is only projected a few spots ahead of the Bucks.

Coffman: Without a huge roster hole or absolutely ideal prospect fit, there’s not much reason to trade up, with the exception being if one of the five point guards (Fultz, Ball, Fox, Smith, Ntilikina) slips out of the lottery. I also don’t really see the appeal in trading down, unless the Bucks can package the pick to unload John Henson’s contract.

Pellowski: I’d be perfectly content with the Bucks staying put in the draft. However, if the Bucks to decide to trade I’d like to see them enquire about bringing Kristaps Porzingis to MIL. Two Unicorns on the same team would be amazing.

Donovan: Trade down! The players available after the top 10-12 players is a significant drop-off and a prime place to take two swings instead of one.

Lanson: The Bucks should stay where they are. They have a nice young core that they need to let grow, and have no reason to trade down unless a great deal presents itself.

Treske: Trading a second rounder has been a staple for the Bucks the last two years and with the Wisconsin Herd tipping off this fall, there’s just no conceivable way to continue that trend for another year. So with those acting as potential famous last words, I call for the Bucks to keep it simple and stay with where you are. Unless if they feel like they could move up. Or if they can get additional picks and move down. I guess go with your gut, Mr. Horst and company.

Mueller: I’m intrigued with the idea of D.J. Wilson. If they can trade down — which may rely on someone falling in love with Harry Giles — and pick up a future pick, I’m all for it.

Harkins: I like staying put. If something happens where we can unload John Henson or another major contract along with a pick to move up in the draft, then I see no reason not to do so, but I do not think a dream scenario like that will play out, so 17 and 48 seem fine to me.

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That’s it from us in terms of roundtables for now, but be sure to check back for extended discussion on the Bucks’ draft night from our staff in the coming days.