Milwaukee Bucks Rumors: Bucks eyeing Anthony Tolliver in NBA free agency

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Locking down Tony Snell was priority number one, but now according to Milwaukee Bucks rumors the team is looking into Anthony Tolliver.

Milwaukee Bucks rumors, much like NBA free agency rumors, never sleep. At nearly 1 a.m. in Milwaukee the Bucks are reportedly still up and making moves in free agency, which is to be expected in the first hour of the new NBA year.

According to Darren Wolfson, the Bucks are looking at Anthony Tolliver as a potential signee to round out their roster.

Although Wolfson, for some reason, uses the term planting seeds, it’s safe to assume the above tweet references a bunch of NBA teams who have some sort of interest in signing Tolliver to a deal.

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Maybe the seed thing means the teams are looking elsewhere before circling back to Tolliver? It’s hard to tell, but the veteran forward must’ve impressed somebody last season with the Sacramento Kings.

Wolfson lists five teams interested in Tolliver, including Milwaukee, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards, and Cleveland Cavaliers, with the potential of more suitors as well.

Tolliver is something of a stretch four who has become more adept from beyond the arc as his career has progressed. During the 2016-17 season with Sacramento, Tolliver scored 7.1 points per game and shot 39.1 percent from long-range.

Even if it was a contract season for Tolliver, him nailing threes is nothing new. Tolliver has made more threes in three other NBA seasons, and has shot better from downtown twice in his NBA career. He’s a legitimate shooter, something that’s valuable even in players shorter than the 6’8″ Tolliver.

One of the most appealing parts of Tolliver has to be his price. Pretty much all of the teams listed to have interest in Wolfson are essentially capped out, which means he’s either taking mid-level or bi-annual exception money or a veteran minimum deal.

The Bucks are not in dire need of a stretch four at the moment, although Jabari Parker‘s injury might open things up slightly. Even without Parker, though, Milwaukee’s big man rotation is stuffed.

Giannis Antetokounmpo will probably start at power forward, with Mirza Teletovic and D.J. Wilson relieving him in various second units. Tolliver is a nice player and he would add a veteran stability, but the Bucks might have more use for a guard than a forward right now.

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We’ll have to wait and see what the seed Milwaukee planted ends up being, but for now this is not a signing, but simply a Milwaukee Bucks rumor floating through the night.