Milwaukee Bucks Rumors: Derrick Rose to meet with LA Clippers

BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 18: Derrick Rose
BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 18: Derrick Rose /

Having met with the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday, Derrick Rose will reportedly continue to talk to teams about potential deals.

For the hordes of Milwaukee Bucks fans who were vocal in their opposition to the team’s meeting with Derrick Rose earlier this week, there’s now further reason to believe that a union between the two parties is unlikely, regardless of any shared interest.

The meeting between both sides on Monday finished without reports of any significant developments from either side, which is in part likely to be a result of Milwaukee’s tough cap situation.

Even if significant interest remains between Rose and the Bucks, what’s immediately clear is that they didn’t make enough progress in their meeting to stop him from continuing to consider his options elsewhere.

As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Rose will meet with representatives from the LA Clippers on Wednesday.

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Although the Clippers’ point guard situation is more uncertain than it has been for a number of years following Chris Paul‘s departure, the fact that they took back Patrick Beverley in their deal with Houston means they aren’t exactly lacking in options at the 1 spot.

Still, with Blake Griffin‘s return and a deal in place to acquire Danilo Gallinari, the Clippers are serious about remaining competitive in a Western Conference that’s deeper than ever before.

Even if Rose isn’t likely to be their first option, he may be able to give them some offensive firepower coming off the bench, particularly in light of the pending departure of another potential Bucks target, Jamal Crawford.

For the Bucks, their offseason situation still sits at something of a status quo. If they want to do more than signing their draft picks, having already retained Tony Snell, there needs to be further moves to create space, and significant ones at that.

Aside from the prospect of trading away players to open up roster and salary flexibility, the luxury tax also remains a pressing concern.

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Ultimately that could be a driving factor in Rose taking a deal away from Milwaukee, and considering his fit, health and the deafening fan reaction so far, that would likely be a good thing for the Bucks.