Milwaukee Bucks: Trying to figure out the Bucks rotation with the current roster

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 27: (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 27: (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 27: Malcolm Brogdon
MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 27: Malcolm Brogdon /

Point Guard

This is actually one of the easier spots to forecast. The options here are Malcolm Brogdon, Matthew Dellavedova, and Gary Payton II. In an emergency, Rashad Vaughn, I guess, is the fourth point guard, unless Sterling Brown takes that spot.

It would make sense for Brogdon to continue serving as the Bucks starter. He has more upside than Dellavedova, and was already better than Delly as a rookie. Additionally, looking forward, the Bucks will have control over Brogdon longer than they will Delly, considering he’s going to be a restricted free agent a few seasons down the line.

Besides, as we move forward in the rotation, there just might be another spot that makes sense to place Delly in for a bit each night. Assuming Payton II only plays sporadically, here’s the estimated minutes breakdown for the Bucks point guard spot.

  1. Brogdon – 30 minutes per game (mpg)
  2. Delly – 18 mpg

In the case of an injury or roster move, Payton II could see a larger role, although it’s hard to imagine he’ll have carved out minutes on a healthy Bucks team next year.