Milwaukee Bucks: Media Day roundup 2018-19 season

MILWAUKEE - SEPTEMBER 13: (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE - SEPTEMBER 13: (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images) /
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MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 26: (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 26: (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Antetokounmpo on Coach Budenholzer and his staff:

"“So far it’s been amazing. The coaching staff is unbelievable. They really care about the team and the players. Whenever you call them, whenever you take them to get some shots up or to be there and watch some film, they’re always there — basically from 8am to 7pm in the practice facility. And Coach Bud has been amazing. He’s letting us play, he’s letting us be basketball players, and what he’s put in our offense and the way we’re going to play this year, it’s going to be free.”"

Antetokounmpo on what the new facilities can offer the Bucks:

"“I’ve been in a lot of practice facilities throughout the league, and we have one of the best facilities. You can see a lot of celebrities are coming and working out, just to see our facilities. Justin Timberlake was there, Maroon 5 was there working out, it’s been fun. I went to a concert [at Fiserv Forum] the other day, and the first thing I said when I walked in the suite was I can’t wait for the playoffs, and seeing the fans going crazy in this arena. Because basically every seat is a good seat. Everything is centered toward the court. It’s been amazing. We are blessed.”"

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Antetokounmpo on working out with Kobe Bryant:

"“Obviously, Kobe is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. I knew I was going to learn a lot from him, but I just wanted to pick from him his thought process. Like what he thinks about the game, how he thinks about the game. Does he think about recovery? That’s it pretty much, Kobe is Kobe. I asked if I could work out with him, and he gave me the opportunity to work out with him so I’m very happy with that. I showed up early. I was three hours early. The workout was at 2.30, I was there at 11. I landed at 9, picked up my bag, took a car there, Andrew, our physio, met me there. I got some treatment, I got some shots, I worked a little on my body and then I got some shots again, and then I was standing taking some free throws and he got in and we started working out. I wanted to show him, I’m not here to mess around. I’m not here to F around. I’m not here for PR reasons or none of that, I’m here to get better. Simple as that.”"