Milwaukee Bucks: Free agency contract predictions and primer

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Brook Lopez

Before the Tony Snell trade opened up meaningful cap space, this deal had the potential to be very complicated. Prior to that trade, the only plausible way to imagine Lopez’s free agency being simple from a Bucks’ perspective is if they were clearly outbid and he was to leave for another team.

Now, such a scenario doesn’t feel like quite as pressing of a concern. Lopez will undoubtedly have a strong market, as who wouldn’t want the NBA’s best stretch shooting center when he’s also capable of anchoring an elite interior defense.

The Bucks are positioned to offer a deal that’s more than fair. With Lopez reportedly eager to return, that was the most important position for the Bucks to get to. A slightly richer offer from elsewhere may still be outweighed by the stability, familiarity and clear path to contention Milwaukee can offer Lopez.

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It’s difficult to imagine a team that’s going to be prepared to offer up the kind of lucrative deal that would lead to a chasm between Milwaukee’s offer and theirs. After all, Lopez is 31 years old and has a collection of significant foot injuries in his past.

Even if the Bucks are pushed beyond what’s currently feasible for them in terms of cap space, stretching Leuer could allow Milwaukee to go even further to ensure Lopez’s return. The possibility of a $14-15 million deal in that scenario is very much plausible, but I think the Bucks and Lopez will both be all too happy to agree on a deal at a lower number that offers the veteran big some more security over the coming years.

With both parties sufficiently motivated to come to terms, this is another contender for a very early Bucks deal.

Prediction: Lopez signs a three-year, $37.5 million contract with the Bucks