Milwaukee Bucks: Co-owner Marc Lasry weighs in on suspended season

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PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 24 (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images) /
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The current timeline

Beck dived right into examining where things stand for the NBA in light of the suspension and Lasry reiterated the timeline that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has repeated since the league has shut down for the time being:

"“I think we’re just going to reassess everything in the next 30 days, just see how everything goes. But I think that’s where things will be.”"

When Beck followed up with whether it’s a 30-day period of monitoring the situation was simply a point to revisit, or whether that’s the mark for when the league could think about returning to the court again, Lasry turned to relying on the guidance of medical professionals in this kind of situation:

"“I think you just monitor and see what’s sort of happening and see what happens with municipalities and states. I think if you find that states stop declaring that it’s a health emergency and that’s it’s OK for people to go back, I don’t know if that’s a week from now, four weeks from now, eight weeks from now. Part of it is we all feel it’s going to take a little while, so let’s wait and see. But I think we’re going to take our cues from what the health authorities recommend.”"

When Beck asked how confident he is of whether we’ll see another NBA game played under the 2019-20 season, Lasry was firm that will be the case, though was reticent to put a date on it:

"“I think you’ll definitely have an NBA game. I don’t think that’s a question. As to when, I don’t know. And I think to have a guess today is really haphazard. Time will dictate the answers and I know everybody wants to have an answer today, but I think we’ll have a better idea next week, next two weeks, next three weeks. Time will sort of dictate where we all are. So I sort of look at it and feel pretty strongly we’ll be playing basketball again, but I just can’t tell you when.”"