Milwaukee Bucks: 3 areas where D.J. Wilson needs to improve

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 10: (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 10: (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks' D.J. Wilson
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3-point shooting

Certainly the biggest obstacle facing Wilson in terms of his function on the offensive end is being able to hits shots from long distance.

When he’s been given his biggest opportunity to shine, Wilson has shown to be an adequate, albeit streaky shooter, though he’s been able to knock in 33.2 percent of his threes on the NBA level. Add in his assignments with the Herd and Wilson has connected on 35 percent of his 297 attempts as a professional.

Perhaps most concerning about Wilson’s literal arc as a shooter is that one of the biggest things he addressed last offseason was improving upon his shooting mechanics as he told The Athletic’s Eric Nehm during the opening week of the Bucks’ training camp in Madison:

"“A lot of my misses were straight front rim or straight back rim,” Wilson said. “I wasn’t giving myself a chance unless it was a complete swish. I shot the ball well in high school and college. I went back to watching a lot of film of those days. It was kind of the same shot, more of like how I’m shooting now. I just wanted to get back to that.”"

To say he hasn’t yet felt the rewards of that work is an understatement as the former Wolverine has shot 29.7 percent from three on 84 attempts across all competitions this season.

That’s certainly a small sample size obviously, but with his ability to space the floor a premium in his role with the Bucks and the NBA at large, the up-and-down shooting he has shown over the last three years won’t help matters.