Milwaukee Bucks: 3 areas where D.J. Wilson needs to improve

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 10: (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 10: (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks' D.J. Wilson
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Increasing playmaking skills

As much as Wilson’s ability to hit shots from outside will be crucial to sticking in the league, filling out at his playmaking skills may be an added, overlooked element in his skill package.

Whether it’s been through his showings on assignment with the Herd, stints in Summer League or on the rare nights when the Bucks have rested their core pieces, Wilson has shown an intriguing ability to handle the ball or at least make plays that go beyond swinging the ball around in the flow of the offense. That’s even been informed in some sets that have Wilson setting up shop at the elbows to survey for any cutting teammates at the basket.

But yet, Wilson’s distribution has been far from a crisp or refined asset in his skill set. With the Bucks, Wilson has posted a 1.50 assist-to-turnover ratio, but that number precipitously falls off when you take into account his time in the G League where he’s posted a 0.94 assist-to-turnover ratio over the last three seasons.

There are certainly plenty of factors to point to why that is, such as a lack of chemistry with Herd players he hasn’t played with or just the blistering pace that the G League plays at. But given that Wilson has had more control over the team’s offense in those assignments, that isn’t the most comforting aspect in his overall progress on any level.

As of now, Wilson will never be looked at as a primary playmaker or even take up on average amount of possessions for a player within a five-man offense. But improving his approach with the ball in his hands could change what kind of offensive threat he could be in the future.