Giannis Antetokounmpo: 3 big improvements made in 2019-20 season

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Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo
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Dishing it out

While Antetokounmpo may be at his best getting downhill and finishing at the rim, the amount of gravity he generates for his teammates has done wonders for his passing game simultaneously.

Handling the ball more than ever before with his league-leading 36.2 usage percentage, Antetokounmpo’s feel and creativity when dishing it out to open Bucks shooters was better than ever before as he averaged a career-high 6.7 assists per-36 minute standards.

According to, Antetokounmpo created the sixth-highest amount of 3-pointers for others this season with 178 of his 329 total assists coming from long distance.

Although much of that is due to the Bucks’ five-out system and the chemistry that comes about knowing where each of the team’s shooters will be stationed on the floor, Antetokounmpo’s passing vision and precision has grown incrementally at the same time with the more reps he gets in this regard. That’s helped him tally 863 assist points created this season, which equates to 15.4 assist points per game.

Antetokounmpo certainly commands plenty of attention from opposing defenses and with each season that passes, his skills in being able to manipulate defenders and make passes at his size and handling ability rises.