Milwaukee Bucks: Which seasons are worthy of a Last Dance-style documentary?

MILWAUKEE, WI - DECEMBER 08: (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WI - DECEMBER 08: (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

With The Last Dance proving to be a sensation, which Milwaukee Bucks seasons would be best suited to the documentary treatment? Our plan is to find out over the next few weeks.

There have been no shortage of basketball documentaries over the years, but few have had the kind of access to high profile footage of legendary players and teams in the way that ESPN’s The Last Dance has.

In watching Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls through this all-access lens over the past couple of weeks, my co-site expert Jordan Treske and I started to ask ourselves a very important question.

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If there could be a documentary about any Milwaukee Bucks team, made in this style, and boasting this kind of access to both behind the scenes, archival footage, and extensive interviews with the key figures involved; which team would we most want it to focus on?

As The Last Dance is currently illustrating, although it may be about one of the most successful dynasties of all-time, the core footage and storyline coming from the 1997-98 season brings in a level of drama and conflict that may otherwise have been lacking.

In other words, the Bucks may have won just one championship, but that doesn’t instantly mean the focus of a Bucks doc should be the smooth sailing 1971 championship season.

The franchise has had no shortage of interesting characters pass through its ranks over the years, and has often gone through incredible ups and downs involving many of the same players, coaches, and executives in incredibly condensed periods of time.

Therefore, to settle on just one team that would be the best to focus a documentary series on, there are cases to be laid out, and decisions to eventually be made.

On that note, starting on Monday, we’ll introduce the first of four teams under hypothetical consideration in an article here on site, with the general shape of their claim to being interesting enough to deserve such a thorough examination being outlined too.

Over the three weeks that follow, Monday will again be the release date for the cases for those other teams to be published here on Behind the Buck Pass, although there’s a very good chance that additional articles focused on the teams, players, and seasons in question will appear over the course of the week too.

Finally, when our four candidates have been presented, the decision will then be passed over to you, our readers!

Via polls on social media, the winner of our fantasy documentary bracket will be crowned, revealing which team continues to fascinate Bucks fans to this very day, or possibly which team left behind the most unanswered questions.

In the meantime, if there’s a season or team you feel strongly about being a perfect fit for a Bucks documentary, let us know on social media.

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Over the course of the next four weeks, links will be added to this piece for the articles on the relevant contending teams, so feel free to bookmark this page and revisit it down the line.