Milwaukee Bucks: Devon Dotson is an ideal point guard target in this NBA Draft

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LAHAINA, HI - NOVEMBER 27: (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /
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It’s very clear what the biggest thing limiting Dotson from being a surefire first-round pick is for some, and even a tantalizing guard prospect in a deep guard class.

Make no mistake, Dotson’s range shooting is the key to what his NBA prospects look like. A down shooting year as a sophomore plummeted his career average to 33.2 percent on 214 attempts over the last two years.

The good news on this front is that Dotson’s career 80.8 free throw percentage ideally provides optimism that he can become a passable 3-point shooter off the ball in time. Dotson’s current mechanics and effectiveness hitting shots off the dribble is another story at this point.

On another front, the question of Dotson’s size and 6’3.25″ wingspan will surely be a hotly debated one as he wades into the pre-draft process and tries to get the full scope of how NBA teams evaluate his development at this stage.

Given how much his game is predicated on attacking the basket and absorbing all sorts of contact, it will be fascinating to watch just how Dotson’s slight size will hold up on that front. The same goes for the potential ways opposing team may look to exploit him in that sense as well.