Milwaukee Bucks: 3 ‘what ifs’ from Bucks’ early 2000s run

22 May 2001: (Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/Allsport)
22 May 2001: (Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/Allsport) /
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Milwaukee Bucks
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The Milwaukee Bucks’ run throughout the early 2000s still remains memorable to this day, but it wasn’t without some distinctive turning points or incidents.

The Milwaukee Bucks haven’t had memorable eras or even too many squads of note since the turn of the 21st century.

As we went through earlier this week, the Bucks teams of the early 2000s remains one of the biggest exceptions to that statement, along with this current era.

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Of course, the 2000-01 season, where the Bucks came within one game of the NBA Finals, stands as the high point of that period and a certain synergy existed that catapulted that team to experience such a deep playoff run.

And all Bucks fans certainly recall just how swift and catastrophic their subsequent downfall was the following season as they failed to reach the same heights as the year prior.

Given how quickly things unraveled, there are plenty of things that occurred and transpired that made this era of Bucks basketball such a short-lived one in terms of experiencing lasting success.

So without further ado, let’s run through some of the biggest ‘what if’ questions relating to the Bucks’ early 2000’s run, starting with a fan favorite.