Milwaukee Bucks: Meet the 1970s All-Decade Team

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NEW YORK, NY -NOVEMBER 17, 1973: (Photo by Ross Lewis/Getty Images)

The 1970s were such a rich, bright decade for the Milwaukee Bucks for many obvious reasons, the least of which being the caliber of players they had throughout the time.

As we all are forced to look back in history during these strange times, it’s time to embark on another themed series here at Behind the Buck Pass.

Throughout their 52 years of existence, the Milwaukee Bucks‘ beginnings during the 1970s are far from humble and remain such an incredibly illustrious era that serve as the highest points that the organization has achieved to this point.

Of course, that’s exemplified by winning their lone championship in the 1970-71 season and remaining a fearsome championship contender in the subsequent years after.

Reaching that hallowed summit in what was their third season may have looked like it happened overnight and it was certainly helped out with some good fortune along the way.

But it was the work of the many Bucks players, some of whom still stand as some of the greatest players to play in the NBA, that helped turn the Bucks into a winning, model franchise during that time.

So without further ado, let’s kick off our All-Decade Teams week and dive into the many players that made the 1970s such a rewarding decade for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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