Milwaukee Bucks NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Killian Tillie

TUCSON, ARIZONA - DECEMBER 14: (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
TUCSON, ARIZONA - DECEMBER 14: (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /
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TUCSON, ARIZONA – DECEMBER 14: (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

Milwaukee Bucks NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Killian Tillie – Fit with the Bucks

Clearly, Tillie’s abilities and qualities are in the realm of a first round pick, especially in a draft class that has as much uncertainty within the lottery overall. Finding a sure thing will prove to be difficult, but there are number of enticing prospects that possess the makings to carve out a role upon entering the league, Tillie included.

On the other hand, the question marks around Tillie are so significant enough that there’s plenty of speculation as to where the forward will fall in the draft in October, if he does at all. From that standpoint, the Bucks will very likely see Tillie available on the draft board by the time they’re on the clock a few months from now.

For a team that prizes versatility, shooting and players that have strong feels for the game, Tillie has all that covered and then some. That’s certainly never been the issue for the French international and with the questions over the veteran frontcourt the Bucks have behind superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, there’s certainly an opening on the team’s depth chart in some capacity.

Of course, spending a valuable draft asset on a slender 22-year-old hybrid forward-big man who has had plenty of troubles staying on the court as a result of numerous lower leg injuries is an incredibly risky proposition.

The fact that the Bucks don’t have a second rounder further limits the possibilities of taking a flyer on a player like Tillie who holds great potential playing within Milwaukee’s system under head coach Mike Budenholzer. And it’s not all that financially prudent for the Bucks to add a second-round pick, given the questions over what the salary cap will look like and concerns of entering the luxury tax.

Where it gets interesting is if, in the event that Tillie goes undrafted, the Bucks would pursue Tillie as an undrafted free agent, whether it’s a two-way contract or even giving some sort of guarantee to fight for a full-fledged roster spot.

Over the last two seasons, the Bucks have liked to bring in big man projects, such as Christian Wood and Dragan Bender, to develop them in-house and get a look for what they could be in the future. Tillie could easily fall on that tier and the prospect of what the Bucks could do to help Tillie alleviate his health concerns and improve his frame under their medical staff offers up some hope in that regard.

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Tillie will always be viewed as an injury risk throughout his NBA career, regardless of where he lands in the coming months. With that said, given their developmental background, the Bucks could be the landing spot that rewards Tillie a worthwhile shot to make it in the NBA.