Milwaukee Bucks: Meet the 2000s All-Decade Team

OAKLAND, UNITED STATES: (Photo credit: JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images)
OAKLAND, UNITED STATES: (Photo credit: JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks
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The Milwaukee Bucks went through plenty of changes and instability throughout the 2000s and despite some bright spots, their All-Decade Team reflects that.

The start of the 21st century brought the Milwaukee Bucks back to where they had long stood.

With some brilliant talents leading the way and team legends such as Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and so on, the Bucks had reinvigorated basketball in the city of Milwaukee early on in the decade as they came one game away from reaching the 2001 NBA Finals during the 2000-01 NBA season.

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Yet it all would all be shortlived.

The 2000s were a largely forgettable, if not entertaining, decade for the Bucks and set the foundation for the mediocrity that they had endured throughout the decade and beyond until this current era of success.

That was obviously informed by incredibly short-sighted decisions, such as the Allen trade, that set the franchise back immeasurably.

Of course, it went far beyond Allen as the Bucks had very few players capable of changing their fortunes around and avoiding further slipping into despair. All of that is certainly reflected in Bucks squads throughout the aughts, despite some standout stars or players that had teased Bucks fans with potential and promise for a new era.

With no time like the present, let’s run through our 2000s All-Decade Bucks team, starting with one of the best point guards and characters in franchise history.