5 moments that have defined the Milwaukee Bucks’ 2021 playoff run

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - JULY 17: (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
PHOENIX, ARIZONA - JULY 17: (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jrue Holiday, Phoenix Suns: Deandre Ayton, Chris Paul, Devin Booker
Jul 14, 2021; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

Giannis Antetokounmpo saves the day late in Milwaukee Bucks’ Game 4 win in NBA Finals

As he continues to build his long resume of jaw-dropping highlights throughout this historic playoff run, Antetokounmpo was there to save the day late in the Bucks’ Game 4 win over the Phoenix Suns in this year’s NBA Finals.

After Middleton helped push the Bucks up to 101-99 with 1:28 left to go in the fourth quarter, the Suns went down the other end of the floor and entrusted Devin Booker to carry their offense, who had a hot hand all night. As Booker ran received the ball off a handoff from Deandre Ayton, Booker had the runway to set up a picture perfect lob attempt for Ayton.

Antetokounmpo, though, had other things in mind and authored one of the greatest plays in Bucks history with this ridiculous recovery block on Ayton.

After the game, Antetokounmpo fully admitted that he thought he was going to get dunked on. That couldn’t have been further from the case and the presence of mind Antetokounmpo showed defending that pick-and-roll and off of the same leg that he hyperextended two weeks prior to meet Ayton at the summit only adds to his legend at this point.

Now with the Bucks one game away from winning an NBA championship, Antetokounmpo took defending Milwaukee’s title hopes to a different degree on this already legendary play.