Milwaukee Bucks: Why Donte DiVincenzo should be motivated in 2021-22

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Milwaukee Bucks: Donte DiVincenzo, New Orleans Pelicans: Eric Bledsoe
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No. 3 — Donte DiVincenzo has been given a bad wrap over the past year with the Milwaukee Bucks

To no fault of his own, DiVincenzo could not breathe without being compared to Bogdanovic on multiple occasions last season. Despite putting together a career year of his own, DiVincenzo was constantly being compared to the sharpshooting Bogdanovic because fans were infatuated with the thought of what could have been.

DiVincenzo appeared motivated ealy in this season as he got off to a scorching hot start, causing fans to question whether or not they were genuinely upset that the trade fell through. However, it would not last as the guard would have his run ins with inconsistency throughout the season. It is one of the biggest flaws in his game, as DiVincenzo can look phenomenal one night, and then have an abysmal outing the very next game. When the latter took place, the comparrions to Bogdanovic would flood in like clockwork.

Although the Bucks ultimately managed to overthrow Bogdanovic and the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals, the connection between those two will likely stick around. The guard should be motivated to knock that connection by taking another leap forward this coming season as he appeared to be doing in the early portion of 2020-21. DiVincenzo showed glimpses of his potential during last season before his injury, but he must put it all together and eradicate the inconsistent label that has followed him for three years now. It is that reputation that has fans clamoring for Allen to start over DiVincenzo from day one next season without hesitation.

For DiVincenzo to finally earn his respect, he will have to start by improving his game on the offensive end. While he looked more far comfortable offensively in the regular season with his outside shooting, his finishing at the rim was subpar. He also went cold throughout his first three games in the playoffs by shooting a vile 3-of-16 from the floor, including 2-of-12 from deep prior to his devastating injury.

Following this latest injury, many have already written off DiVincenzo, mostly because the team went ahead and won the title without him. As the guard prepares to make his return next season, he will be tasked with proving his place on this team and should have no shortage of motivation when it comes to doing just that.

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DiVincenzo’s fourth year with the Bucks is shaping up to be interesting, and time will tell how things ultimately shake out.