Milwaukee Bucks: 3 non-stars that will dictate playoff success in 2022

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CLEVELAND, OHIO - FEBRUARY 05: (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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George Hill is a player who will dictate playoff success for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021-22

Another one where it could be argued that since the Bucks won without a true backup point guard last season, then they could certainly do it again this year. But the experience and ability that George Hill brings cannot be understated and will no doubt prove to be valuable in any potential playoff series.

While he might not have to carry as big of a load as he did when Eric Bledsoe was the starting point guard, Hill being a reliable ball handler coming off the bench will be crucial in any high-intensity playoff matchup.

Although the Bucks do have tertiary ball handlers like DiVincenzo and Allen, those are not players you want to rely on too heavily in that role, especially in a playoff environment. After having to watch the Bucks cobble together possessions on offense when Holiday was off the floor, trying their best to have a somewhat reliable dribbler run the offense, having Hill’s experience in this role is a blessing.

The Bucks only had two lineups that played more than 20 minutes without Holiday during the postseason, and they struggled severely at both ends of the floor. Having a reliable floor general in those minutes when Holiday needs a rest or is possibly in early foul trouble will be vital.

Bucks fans should know what Hill brings to the table already, but a reminder that Hill shot 39.5 percent from 3 in 25 playoff games on three attempts per game and had an impressively minuscule 4.3 percent turnover rate in the 2018-19 playoffs. Hill brings much-needed stability to the backup point guard role, and if he can continue what he did in his first stint as a Buck, then he’ll be one of the most important role players they’ll have.