Milwaukee Bucks: Ranking the 6 best shooters on the roster

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Milwaukee Bucks: Jordan Nwora
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Ranking the best shooters on the Milwaukee Bucks: No. 4 – Rodney Hood

Rodney Hood has been a pretty consistent 3-point threat for his whole career, shooting 36.7 percent on over four attempts per game. Even going back to college, where he shot nearly 40 percent on over four attempts in two college seasons.

The biggest worry is how his shooting fell off last season, his first after his Achilles injury. In 55 games, Hood shot just 30.1 percent from three, by far the lowest mark of his career. Shooting ability is something that should be able to recover from an injury like that, and the hope is that the second year after the injury will turn things around for him.

Hood has been a solid mid-range shooter as well, with the ability to make shots on the catch as well as off the dribble. The versatility in his shot-making put him ahead of Portis, Allen, and some others not in the top six.

Ranking the best shooters on the Milwaukee Bucks: No. 3 – Jordan Nwora

I know I said I wanted to see it more from Portis, and Hood has had a much longer career than Jordan Nwora, but I can’t deny what we’ve seen from him in his lone NBA season as well as his college career. I wouldn’t argue if you wanted to put him lower because there’s such a small sample, but I believe in Nwora’s shooting ability a lot.

The whole reason why Bucks fans are clamoring for Nwora to play more is that his shooting has been so impressive that they believe it makes up for what he lacks as a defender. In his first NBA season, Nwora shot over 45 percent from behind the arc on 2.1 attempts per game. Around 45 percent of his shot attempts were triples and he made them at a very high level. In college, Nwora shot 39.4 percent on nearly five attempts per game, with his final seasons being over six attempts a night.

The most astounding thing was that Nwora shot over 68 percent on his pull-up triples last year (22 attempts). Obviously, that’s not something that will continue, but it shows he already has a good feel for his pull-up game, and that’s huge for a young player.