Milwaukee Bucks: Ranking top 5 point guards of the last 10 seasons

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Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon Knight
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The point guard position has been somewhat of a revolving door for the Milwaukee Bucks over the last 10 seasons, stretching back to 2011-12.

There have been a number of times that Bucks fans have tried to convince ourselves that we have our point guard of the future or long-term solution at the position during this stretch. As the Bucks got better and better over the last 10 seasons, going from rebuilding to playoff contender to championship contender to champions, it felt like point guard had always been the missing link.

As you can imagine, for a team that hasn’t drafted a point guard since 2009, most of the point guards that have been on the team since 2011-12 have come from other teams. Although it appears the Bucks truly do have their solution at point guard (slight spoiler), there have still been some talented players to come through Milwaukee.

It feels weird to say that point guard might actually be a strength this year and that the tandem of Jrue Holiday and George Hill could be the best Bucks point guard duo in many, many years. But the Bucks have come a long way in terms of point guard depth, and this top five will reflect that.

Top 5 Milwaukee Bucks point guards of the last 10 seasons – Honorable Mention: Michael Carter-Williams

When I first started thinking about this exercise, I was sure Michael Carter-Williams would be in the top five. However, upon further review, he just misses out as an honorable mention. Very similar to how the Bucks believed that Carter-Williams would be the long-term point guard of the future when they acquired him!

Carter-Williams played 79 games for the Bucks, averaging 12.4 points, 4.7 rebounds, 5.3 assists, and 1.7 steals. He was a very solid defensive guard but was terribly inefficient. He posted a 49.7 percent true shooting percentage and 45.5 percent effective field goal percentage, both numbers that are well below league average. He’s found a niche as a solid defender and passer off the bench but was a non-factor as a shooter.

Top 5 Milwaukee Bucks point guards of the last 10 seasons – No. 5: Brandon Knight

It’s crazy to look back and realize that easily the best season of Brandon Knight‘s career came as a member of the Bucks at the beginning of 2014-15. I really was upset the Bucks traded him away in the midst of that season, but he didn’t really come back to haunt them anyway.

As for Knight’s tenure as a whole, he played 124 games as a Buck and averaged 17.9 points, 3.8 rebounds, 5.1 assists, and 1.2 steals per game. He was relatively efficient with a 53.6 percent true shooting and 48.6 percent effective field goal rate, slightly below league average but the most efficient seasons of his career were with the Bucks.

As the original centerpiece of the trade that also brought Khris Middleton to the Bucks, Knight was a solid point guard for Milwaukee, but it inevitably didn’t work out as either side hoped. It would be cool if he could find his way back into the league.