Milwaukee Bucks: Ranking top 5 shooting guards of the last 10 seasons

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 26 (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 26 (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Donte DiVincenzo
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Top 5 Milwaukee Bucks shooting guards of the last 10 seasons – No. 4: Monta Ellis

The other half of one of the most fun Bucks backcourts that we’ve been able to watch alongside Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis was just as exciting to watch as we all hoped when they traded Andrew Bogut for him back in 2011-12. He was only with the team for a season and a half, but it was certainly a memorable time.

In his 103 games for the Bucks (started every game), he averaged 18.9 points, 3.8 rebounds (career-high), six assists (career-high), and 1.9 steals (career-high). It’s a bit of a surprise to me that he finished with so many career-high totals compared to his stops with other teams, but Ellis was in his age 26 and 27 seasons, so right in his prime. His efficiency numbers weren’t as sparkling, with a 49.3 percent true shooting and 44.9 percent effective field goal rate, both were career-lows.

Regardless, Ellis fit in very well with Jennings in their lone full season together in 2012-13 despite their games not being the most efficient from a scoring perspective. They shared the ball well and had the Bucks playing at a very fast pace for the time but had just a brutal roster around them. Still, Ellis was a very fun player to watch when he got going.

It’s been reported that Ellis is attempting an NBA return, so here’s to hoping he catches on with a team and we see him back in the league soon.

Top 5 Milwaukee Bucks shooting guards of the last 10 seasons – No. 3: Donte DiVincenzo

The biggest candidate to rise up the rankings in the next couple of seasons (barring any health or contract-related issues), Donte DiVincenzo has emerged as the latest “future of the Bucks shooting guards.”

After nearly being dealt for Bogdanovic in the 2020 offseason, DiVincenzo returned to the Bucks and was a full-time starter for the first time in his career. Pushing aside his dreadful and injury-plagued rookie season, DiVincenzo has been pretty successful so far in his career. In the last two seasons, DiVincenzo has posted 9.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 1.3 steals in 132 games and 90 starts. He’s also had a 54.9 percent true shooting and 53.2 percent effective field goal rate, not jaw-dropping but solid for a young player that is still finding his rhythm from three (although he shot nearly 38 percent on good volume last year).

DiVincenzo has thrived as a defender, flying around for deflections and steals. He can sometimes be overaggressive going for those big plays but that’s what makes DiVincenzo such an impact player on defense is his ability to get that impact play. He’s also become an invaluable rebounder for his position and a secondary ball-handler, especially last season when the Bucks didn’t have a reliable backup point guard. DiVincenzo should come back strong from his injury this season and have another solid season.