Milwaukee Bucks: 3 reasons why fans will never forget P.J. Tucker

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - JULY 22 (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - JULY 22 (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: P.J. Tucker
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – JULY 22: (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

Reasons why Milwaukee Bucks fans will never forget P.J. Tucker – A legendary championship parade celebration

After clinching their first NBA title in 50 years, the city of Milwaukee was bound to celebrate, and Tucker certainly did his part during the team’s parade.

For a player that has been through such an eventful basketball career from playing overseas to being a key role player for several contending teams that fell just short of winning it all, it likely felt fantastic to finally reach the mountain top. He would undeniably make the most of the celebration. Taking the microphone to address what seemed like the entire state, a tipsy Tucker delivered a speech that cemented his status as a fan favorite forever. 

"“You know, it’s crazy. When I came here, they were like, ‘Yo, you’ve got to be the dog.’ I’m like, ‘Man, we got dogs. Like, I got here and we already got dogs. They just don’t know how to be dogs and we gon’ be dogs.’ Our dogs is crazy. We got dogs, you hear me? Milwaukee, we dogs! You can’t make this up, these dudes, this organization, what we do, what we put together, you can’t make this up. Nothing matters except what’s going on right here, right now. That’s all that matters. They say what they want, but they’ve got to say we’re champs.”"

Although Tucker is gone, no one will ever be able to take that title away from him or the Bucks. When people think about this title decades down the road, Tucker’s iconic speech is something that will always be thought of from that run.

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It will be tough seeing the top dog in a different jersey next season, but he will never have to buy his own drink in the city of Milwaukee ever again.