Milwaukee Bucks: 3 intriguing players on the roster bubble

Apr 5, 2021; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA; Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 5, 2021; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA; Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports /
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OKC Thunder: Justin Robinson
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3 players on the Milwaukee Bucks roster bubble: Justin Robinson

This is basically two-fold with both Justin Robinson and Tremont Waters being the two big candidates fighting for the final two-way contract spot. I went with Robinson specifically because he was the one signed to a two-way contract as opposed to Waters, who was signed to an Exhibit 10 deal, so Robinson has the leg-up on the spot for now.

In regards to NBA experience, though, Waters has the edge on his fellow guard with 38 career games played to Robinson’s 18 and over 200 more minutes played. Both have had good showings in their G League stints, with Waters being an MVP finalist in 2019-20 and winning the league’s Rookie of the Year award. Robinson has played over 40 games in the G League, averaging over 14 points per game and posting a 55.4 percent true shooting, right around league average.

There really isn’t much difference between the two. They’re right around the same age (Robinson is a few months older), they’re smaller guards (Robinson is slightly bigger) with a score-first approach (Waters is a slightly better passer).

Who the Bucks choose for the final two-way spot will really come down to who can outperform the other in training camp and preseason. Both should have ample opportunity to prove themselves and whoever loses the battle could wind up on the Wisconsin Herd anyway.

It’s entirely possible the Bucks bring in a 19th & 20th player after the time of writing, specifically another big man, to compete for the final two-way contract.