Executive mentions Milwaukee Bucks as viable landing spot for John Wall

Whether it be through trade, free agency, or the draft, the Milwaukee Bucks are always looking at ways to improve their roster. After all, they just signed big man DeMarcus Cousins to bolster their frontcourt rotation while starting center Brook Lopez battles with back issues. As evidenced by the move, general manager Jon Horst is always surveying the landscape for upgrades, and while it is a tad too early to start thinking about potential buyout candidates down the line, a name popped up recently that will certainly spark some conversation among the fanbase.

NBA executive believes John Wall could be a viable buyout option for the Milwaukee Bucks

In a report by The Athletic’s David Aldridge (subscription required), he mentions that one general manager believes that the Bucks could be a viable landing spot for John Wall. However, as noted by Aldrige throughout his reporting, any pathway that would get Wall to Milwaukee is easier said than done for every party involved.

First off, Wall has a significant amount of money left on his current contract as he is set to earn $44 million this season while holding a player option for $47 next year. It seems safe to say that the Bucks will not be trading for Wall with that hefty salary. That leaves a buyout as the only real scenario that would help bring in the guard, which the executive mentioned. Yet, given how much money Wall has left on that deal, a buyout seems extremely unlikely at this point in time.

As Aldridge mentions, Wall would have to give back a significant portion of his salary for a buyout to make sense for Houston. No one could fault Wall for wanting to keep that money. However, the guard is currently not playing for the Rockets, who have sat him all season to focus on their youth. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania (subscription required), Wall has expressed his desire to return to the court, but he and the organization could not agree on what role he will play for the team. They reportedly want him to come off the bench to prioritize their youth and the future.

If Wall is willing to make a buyout happen because he wants to get on the court that badly, then that would be his only feasible pathway to the Bucks. They would make sense as a hypothetical destination for the guard as they are a premier title contender, and Wall would likely be looking to contend if he sacrificed all that money. The Bucks could only offer him the minimum, but perhaps he would be willing to take it to contend at the highest level, hypothetically. At 31-years-old, Wall is at a point in his career where contending oftentimes takes top priority.

On the court, Wall would bring more star power to the Bucks in their quest to repeat. While he is not the five-time All-Star that he once was before being bombarded by injures, Wall proved last season that he is still a solid player. He averaged 20.6 points and 6.9 assists in 40 games with the Rockets last season, numbers that could undoubtedly help the Bucks. The biggest question would be what role Wall would play, as he reportedly wants to be a starter in Houston. The Bucks have found success with their current starting five this season, and although they could hypothetically slide Jrue Holiday to the two-guard and put Wall at the point, who knows if would be on the table.

Wall would undeniably thrive in a bench role for the champs. Although George Hill has been solid as the team’s backup point guard this season, Wall would be an immediate upgrade. He would be a solid spark in the second unit for a team whose bench currently ranks 27th in points and 29th in assists per game. It might take some convincing, but bringing Wall in off the bench would bolster Milwaukee’s title chances considerably.

To be clear, the Bucks landing Wall seems far-fetched at this point in time. While the executive says they would be a viable landing spot for the team, that can only happen in a buyout, and the two sides do not seem close on one at the moment. If something materializes down the road as the season progresses, then this could be very interesting. Perhaps Cousins, the newest Buck, is willing to reach out to his friend, college teammate, and former NBA teammate about linking up once again if a buyout ever occurs.

Keep an eye on Wall’s current situation in Houston.