3 bold predictions for the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks in 2022

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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - OCTOBER 25 (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Bold Prediction No. 3 – The Milwaukee Bucks will repeat as NBA Champions in 2022

As previously mentioned, there is little to be concerned about with the Bucks when they are at or near full strength. The only thing that really makes repeating a long shot is if they aren’t at full health in the playoffs and don’t get a real chance to defend their title.

But assuming that they are healthy by the playoffs and one of the top seeds in the East, it should not be crazy at all to predict them to go back-to-back. It’s never easy to win a championship and there are several contenders who could certainly dethrone the Bucks, but there should be no Finals conversations that don’t include Milwaukee.

When healthy, the Bucks have the highest floor in the NBA. Their big three consistently plays well and they have now proven they are capable of winning a title. Everyone has now seen that Giannis can take over a game or a series at any point and carry the Bucks to victory, something that people previously doubted he could do. As long as he is healthy, the Bucks have a chance to win any game they play.

The Nets have some drama with Kyrie Irving and his availability is uncertain, the Golden State Warriors might need some time to get Klay Thompson integrated back with the team once he returns from injury, the Phoenix Suns were beaten by the Bucks last year, and the Bulls, Heat, and Utah Jazz don’t have a superstar to match Antetokounmpo. All of these teams are tough and could beat the Bucks, but there is no team that anyone can confidently say should beat Milwaukee in a hypothetical playoff series down the line.

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The Milwaukee Bucks are the reigning champions and still have (arguably) the best player in the world. Those two things alone mean that it should be another exciting and memorable year for the Bucks in 2022 as the look to defend their title as world champs.