2022 NBA Trade Deadline Roundtable: What will the Milwaukee Bucks do?

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 30 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
ORLANDO, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 30 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Khris Middleton, Indiana Pacers: Justin Holiday
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If any, who is one player you would like to see the Milwaukee Bucks target at the 2022 NBA trade deadline, and why?

Sell: If you know me, you know I have been a huge advocate for Dennis Schröder with rumors that the Boston Celtics could look to trade him. Yet, after watching the Bucks lately, I think adding more depth in the frontcourt should be the Bucks’ biggest concern right now. The top target that makes sense for the defending champions is Dorian Finney-Smith of the Dallas Mavericks. The 6-foot-7 versatile forward would bring some size to the bench, along with robust defense and solid scoring. It remains up in the air if Dallas would be willing to move him, but if so, the Bucks should be on the case. If the Mavericks want to keep him, someone like Nicolas Batum of the LA Clippers would fit the billing in a similar light and could be more attainable.

Furlong: Sticking with the idea of getting a bigger wing defender, I’d like to see the Bucks go after San Antonio Spurs veteran Thad Young. He’s not playing a lot for a team that is focused on playing younger players but still has game left (despite what his season averages would suggest this year). The one hang up for the Bucks is that Young has a nearly $15 million cap hit this season. Perhaps this would be a buyout market move, but he’s the player I’d like to see them come away with most.

Weinbach: The Bucks should target Justin Holiday of the Indiana Pacers since he’s likely available, affordable, an efficient 3-point shooter, and a versatile wing that can defend pretty much any position. Of course, he’s also the older brother of Jrue Holiday. As the Pacers are expected to retool the roster and become sellers at the deadline, Justin Holiday should become available at the right price. Offering Donte DiVincenzo and Semi Ojeleye could get the deal done, and a second round pick could potentially be added to satisfy Indiana. Holiday is making $6.0 million this season, and is on contract to make $6.2 million next season. The Bucks are deep into the luxury tax, but Holiday has an affordable contract that they can afford to acquire.

Wood: Who is one player you would like to see the Milwaukee Bucks target at the deadline? Mo Bamba from the Orlando Magic. You could plug him into the starting lineup and Portis could go back to the bench – which would help that unit – and the Bucks would be back in business. Even if he comes off the bench, he would allow Portis and Antetokounmpo more rest in the second half of the season. Bamba would provide much needed rebounding depth for the Bucks.

Maier: One player I’d like to see the Bucks target at the deadline is Mo Bamba. Coming off a brilliant performance against the Sixers where he notched 28 points in the first half, his trade stock might have risen up a bit. However, if Milwaukee is able to make an enticing offer, Bamba would be an excellent addition to the frontcourt. Bamba will be an excellent short-term replacement while we await Lopez’s return. After that, Bamba will fit seamlessly into Milwaukee’s second unit. This seems like a very low-risk trade for the Bucks and I think it’s one that Horst should pursue.

Zippan: Mo Bamba would be an ideal trade target to protect the rim. He’s young, athletic, can rebound, block shots and shoot the 3 ball well for a big man. His youth and athleticism would be a major boost for the Bucks at the 5 spot.

Valind: One player I would like to see the Bucks target at the deadline is Tyrese Haliburton. Haliburton is barely getting started in the league and would add some youth to the Bucks team. He’s also been a good shooter early on in his career, with a career 3-point percentage of 41.7% over his two seasons. The Bucks have done a great job in the last couple of years finding shooters to play along with Giannis and Haliburton would just be another great addition for the team. Plus, Haliburton is from Wisconsin and would probably love to play for his hometown team. The only problem with getting Haliburton is that the rumors surrounding him have been all over the place. Who knows if the Kings will actually give him up or not and for what cost.

Schickert: A guy I’d like to see the Bucks get is Myles Turner, however I’m not 100% sure that’s in the cards. A guy I feel is a more realistic target is Nerlens Noel, he makes about half the money Turner does and while his offensive impact would be felt as much his defensive and rebounding impact would be very helpful, Noel averages 9.1 rebounds and 2.3 blocks per 36 minutes.