Pros and cons of the Milwaukee Bucks trading Jordan Nwora

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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - DECEMBER 22: J(Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Jordan Nwora
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Con: The player the Milwaukee Bucks get back for Jordan Nwora likely won’t be that good

Sure, it’s nice to envision the Bucks getting someone who could impact a playoff run for Nwora but the fact of the matter is that his trade value isn’t high enough that a team would value him highly enough to beat out opposing offers from other teams.

It’s a funny thing that NBA fanbases do in fake trades. They try to pawn off players they don’t like but will talk about how good the player is and think that they should bring back more in a trade than they are likely worth.

NBA general managers have League Pass, folks. They can see the games just like you and can see a player’s flaws as well. You aren’t Jedi mind tricking them into taking a player that isn’t as good and you don’t like for someone that is actually good.

I’m higher on Nwora than most and I don’t think he’s enough of a sweetener to get back a player who would drastically change the fortunes of the current Bucks title odds. That then goes back to my first con where it would end up making more sense to simply see what you have with Nwora and try to develop a rotation player that you can keep around.

If Nwora truly was enough to bring back a player that would make the Bucks significantly better, then more fans wouldn’t want to move him because he’s 23, a restricted free agent, and (in this hypothetical) pretty good.

This all is to say that Nwora very well could be moved as we approach the February 10th trade deadline. Perhaps there is a team out there that sees Nwora’s creation flashes and is willing to buy in on him.

What’s more likely, to me, is that Nwora remains a Buck past the deadline because there won’t be an offer out there that makes the team better than what they are and it makes more sense to hang onto Nwora at that point.

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The Bucks are set up to have a fascinating trade deadline whether or not they decide to make a move.