Ranking the Milwaukee Bucks trade assets ahead of the deadline

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - DECEMBER 22: J(Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - DECEMBER 22: J(Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Semi Ojeleye, New York Knicks: Julius Randle
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As the trade deadline gets closer and closer and closer (and closer), the anticipation mounts from Milwaukee Bucks fans as to what they’ll do to improve the roster and make their final tweaks to repeat as champs.

There have already been a pair of notable trades ahead of the deadline and, as much as we’d all love a blockbuster to analyze, the Bucks don’t really have the assets to pull that off. It’s part of the reason why you can likely expect a quiet deadline from them.

Regardless! They still have tradeable assets… it just depends on how good you think those assets are. Obviously, I won’t be including Giannis Antetokounmpo or Khris Middleton. Those aren’t assets that will be traded.

So, what kind of change can general manager Jon Horst come up with when he’s digging in those couch cushions?

Ranking Milwaukee Bucks trade assets – #5: Semi Ojeleye

I try to pride myself on being able to admit when I’m wrong. Sure, I’ll celebrate my hits, but you look like a jerk if that’s all you acknowledge. I don’t want to be a jerk!

I was very, very wrong about the impact that Semi Ojeleye would have on the Bucks this season. Like so, so wrong.

Before the season I said that he could be the X-Factor for the defending champs this season! That hasn’t happened whatsoever!

Instead, Ojeleye is so far out of the rotation that he didn’t play a single second in garbage time against the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s averaging 2.9 points on 37.6 percent true shooting (in case you’re wondering, that’s not good), 2.9 rebounds, and has the same total number of assists, steals, and blocks (five).

His contract is for the minimum and expires at the end of the season, so he’s a buyout candidate at the very least but if they can find a way to sneak him into a trade to clear a roster spot or fill out some salary, then that’s even better.

I do feel bad for Ojeleye, though. He didn’t want to struggle like this and he’s dealt with injuries and illness throughout the season. I hope he can find a home if/when his Bucks tenure comes to a close.