3 early 2022 NBA Draft prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks to consider

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Duke Blue Devils: Mark Williams
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Early 2022 NBA Draft prospects the Milwaukee Bucks should consider: Mark Williams, big, Duke

Another player that you can watch in the tournament! Mark Williams is the most common pick in the publicly available mock drafts for the Milwaukee Bucks and that’s because it makes a ton of sense for what they need.

Williams is arguably the best defensive big man in the 2022 draft because of his great feel on that end of the floor as well as great measurables at 7’0″ with a reported 7’7″ wingspan. He’s averaging nearly three blocks per game in his sophomore season (in only 23 minutes per game!) with the Blue Devils and is shooting over 71 percent on 2-point attempts (all around the basket, of course).

Now, due to his lack of shooting, he may not be an exact fit with the Bucks as a potential replacement for Brook Lopez, but in terms of his defense and being able to sit behind Lopez (and potentially Serge Ibaka) as well as learning from Giannis Antetokounmpo about protecting the rim and what head coach Mike Budenholzer wants in their drop coverage would be fantastic for him.

Williams is also more athletic and mobile than Lopez, so I could absolutely see Budenholzer getting creative with how he can scheme his defense with Williams on the floor, but he would be a monster in drop coverage. A good tournament could push him out of the Bucks’ range and teams are always looking for a defensive anchor at center, but Williams would be a great fit for the reigning champs.