3 Milwaukee Bucks players who need a strong regular season finish

Dec 17, 2021; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 17, 2021; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /
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Milwaukee Bucks: George Hill
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George Hill desperately needs to step up for the Milwaukee Bucks as the regular season comes to a close

George Hill, where do we begin? Hill has severely struggled in his time on the court as of late. Plenty of Bucks fans are perplexed as to why Hill has seen more time on the court than Jevon Carter, and there is certainly good reason behind it. If there is one player who desperately needs to step up, it is Hill.

When Hill was brought back to Milwaukee, I certainly thought he would be a good filler while Jrue Holiday gets some time to rest on the bench. In recent games, that just has not been the case for Hill. Despite playing nearly 24 minutes per game, Hill has averaged a measly six points. His facilitating in the second unit has been subpar as well. Hill has never been known for his defense, but his lackadaisical defense has been a frustrating thing to watch in his time on the court. While Hill had a solid game against the Wizards a few weeks back where he posted 10 points on 66 percent shooting, he quickly dopped off by averaging two points on 24 percent shooting over his next four games.

Hill is a veteran, and he was a contributor to Milwaukee’s success in his previous tenure. However, he has struggled on both ends of the floor this season, and there has been very little improvement. If the rotation stays as it is when the playoffs roll around, Hill will be seeing a considerable amount of time on the court. Hill desperately needs to find some improvements on both ends of the court if he is looking to contribute to Milwaukee’s quest to repeat. If Hill doesn’t improve, the second unit may be run off the floor as quickly as they come.

If there is anyone you should pay close attention to as the season winds down, it’s Hill. If he is the backup point guard come playoff time, help us all.

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Milwaukee’s big three will be just fine when the playoffs begin. The supporting cast must take a step up. Hill, Ibaka, and Connaughton need to find their groove to put the Bucks in a position to win a championship once again. Keep an eye on all three players as the Milwaukee Bucks begin their last week of regular season play.