3 takeaways from the Milwaukee Bucks’ ugly loss to Dallas Mavericks

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Milwaukee Bucks: George Hill, Dallas Mavericks: Davis Bertans

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – APRIL 03 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Following a beatdown at the hands of the LA Clippers on Friday, the Milwaukee Bucks returned to action on Sunday to face the Dallas Mavericks.

It was a closely contested contest throughout as neither team built up a lead larger than 10 points and they exchanged the lead on seven different occasions. However, after exchanging blows in the first three quarters, the Mavericks pulled away in the fourth quarter and ultimately won the battle 118-112. It is no secret that the Bucks have oftentimes struggled in these early afternoon games, and that trend unfortunately carried on yesterday. With that being said, let us take a closer look at three takeaways from yesterday’s tough loss to the Mavericks.

George Hill’s subpar play once again raised questions as to why Jevon Carter has been stuck behind him in the Milwaukee Bucks’ rotation

The Milwaukee Bucks have had some recent controversy in the backcourt regarding their backup point guards. The issue revolves around George Hill, who is having his worst NBA season to date, continuing to receive significant playing time over Jevon Carter, who has been an incredible pickup for the Bucks and thrived when Hill was out of the lineup for an extended period with neck issues. This issue and the consequences of the decision to continually roll with Hill were on full display in Sunday’s gutting loss to the Mavericks.

Across 18 minutes of action, Hill went scoreless after having missed all three of his shot attempts while tallying a turnover and three personal fouls. While Hill did do some good things, like tally two steals and haul in four rebounds, his overall performance was abysmal. Offensively, he looked lost throughout the game, and his defense was far from outstanding either. In short, Hill was a liability out on the floor during his 18 minutes, which has been common lately.

Meanwhile, Carter did not log a single minute of action as he spent the entire game as a spectator. Given that Carter was coming off his best game of the season, an 18-point, eight assist effort in a tough loss to the Clippers, seeing him benched in this one was beyond puzzling. Carter has shown that he is the ideal backup point guard for the Bucks because not only does he provide fantastic defense, but he can actually score the basketball as well, as his production offensively has reached new heights since landing in Milwaukee.

Coach Mike Budenholzer’s decision to consistently play Hill significant minutes while Carters rots on the bench is baffling, and, as evidenced by Sunday’s loss, has hurt the Milwaukee Bucks. There is no logical reasoning behind this move, and it can be easily corrected, but one thing is for certain, the Bucks have a George Hill problem and Jevon Carter is the easy solution.

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