Grading the Milwaukee Bucks’ interesting signing of Luca Vildoza

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SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - MARCH 18 (Photo by Anatolij Medved/BSR Agency/Getty Images) /
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An overall grade on the Milwaukee Bucks signing of Luca Vildoza

As one of the finishing touches on this roster, Vildoza is a fine acquisition for the Milwaukee Bucks. Bringing him aboard does not tip the needle by any stretch of the imagination, as the combo guard will likely find himself near the end of the rotation throughout the final regular season game and in the team’s upcoming title defense. Yet, he provides solid depth and brings potential with him as an intriguing two-way guard that could be an interesting player down the line.

Financially, this is practically as good as it gets, as the contract does not tie the team to the guard for the future. If they like what they see, they can keep him on the team. If not, they have until the first game of the 2022-23 regular season to let him walk. It is a fair deal that gives Milwaukee an added amount of flexibility both financially and from a roster constructing standpoint.

On the floor, Vildoza has the potential to be a solid piece due to his shooting, scoring, and defense, and it will be fascinating to see him in action. As a Liga ACB Champion and ACB Finals MVP, Vildoza will bring battle-tested experience from overseas to this Milwaukee team, which could be useful as he looks to transition to playing in the NBA.

As mentioned, this is the definition of a low-risk, high-reward move. The Bucks had their eye on Vildoza for a reason, and perhaps he could become another hidden gem for them down the line. On impact, it is a fine signing, but one that could be worth revisiting down the line.

BTBP Grade: B

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For now, welcome to Milwaukee, Luca!