Assessing Bleacher Report’s George Hill trade for the Milwaukee Bucks

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE - OCTOBER 05 (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE - OCTOBER 05 (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: George Hill
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – OCTOBER 05 (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

After being knocked out of the NBA Playoffs earlier than many hoped, the Milwaukee Bucks will have some work to do once the offseason officially begins.

Among the most glaring needs for the Bucks is addressing their lack of help in the second unit, as their bench was among their weakest attributes this year. One player that played a significant part in that was George Hill, who had a disappointing year in his return to Milwaukee for a second stint. Many have clamored for the Bucks to move Hill this offseason, given that he is under contract for next season. One person who is seemingly of this belief is Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz, as he recently proposed a trade that would see the Bucks ship the point guard to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Bleacher Report’s George Hill trade between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Memphis Grizzlies

Swartz’s proposed deal between the Bucks and Grizzlies, two teams that have some familiarity with one another from last season’s Grayson Allen deal, is sweet and simple. George Hill and his $4 million salary would go to Memphis in exchange for a 2024 second rounder. When looking at the circumstances for both teams, this could potentially be a quick and easy trade that benefits both Milwaukee and Memphis next season.

With that being said, let us look at the trade from both sides by assessing why both the Bucks and the Grizzlies would consider it, as well as a final verdict on Swartz’s trade proposal.