Ranking the Milwaukee Bucks 3 biggest needs in 2022 NBA Draft

COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND - FEBRUARY 27: (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
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Tennessee Volunteers: Kennedy Chandler
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#2: The Milwaukee Bucks need to add point guard depth in the 2022 NBA Draft

Sure, the Bucks have their starting point guard locked up and he’s great but if the second round showed us anything, it’s that they need better depth behind Jrue Holiday.

You could argue that a big man would be more important because they’d need to take over for Lopez long-term, but there isn’t a big man that will be available that late who I’d say could take over for Lopez (unless Williams falls, of course, but we can’t assume that).

The guard depth is much better in this class than the big men and there are many different flavors of guards that they could go after depending on what they want from their backup point guard.

If you want a guard that can create for others and is a great ball-handler, then you can look at Kennedy Chandler from Tennessee. If you want a tough, scrappy guard, who is a great leader then Trevor Keels from Duke is your guy. How about a guard that can play both on and off the ball while being a great perimeter shooter? Then TyTy Washington from Kentucky is for you. I don’t think Washington would be there at number 24, but we can dream!

George Hill is old and they can’t trust that he’ll be solid forever and there’s no guarantee that Wesley Matthews will even be back next season. Landing a guard that can help extend the championship window into the future would be a great use of this pick.