Roundtable: How the Milwaukee Bucks can improve this NBA offseason

MIAMI, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 08 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 08 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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No .2 – What is the biggest area of the roster that the Milwaukee Bucks need to address this offseason after falling to the Boston Celtics in seven games?

Sell: As tempted as I am to say the backup point guard position, given how poorly George Hill played all season, I will go another route and say that they must add a new small-ball power forward. This role was played masterfully by P.J. Tucker during Milwaukee’s title run last year, but the front office made a mistake trying to replace him with Semi Ojeleye this year, as he did not make it with the team past the trade deadline. The Bucks are more lethal than ever when they put Giannis Antetokounmpo at center, but they need a small-ball forward to truly get the wheels turning, and they noticeably lacked one throughout the 2022 postseason, which hurt. Adding a small-ball power forward should be high on Horst’s to-do list, given the versatility it can unlock for the Milwaukee Bucks, particularly in the NBA Playoffs.

Furlong: The biggest area that needs to be addressed on the Bucks’ roster is their size on the wing. Khris Middleton cannot be the only wing-sized player on the roster and asking Pat Connaughton and Allen (should both still be on the team) to guard opposing wings is a lot. They were exposed by the Celtics’ size on the wing and while Matthews was great against Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, he shouldn’t be the only one filling that role.

Griffith: I would say there are two main areas of the roster Milwaukee needs to address in the off-season. Acquiring or signing a good backup point guard will be key, as well as getting a more mobile and consistent paint presence. There are a few names I am thinking of in general, but we could use an upgrade in the playmaking department off the bench, and a lengthy paint protector with offensive skill could help bring us another title.

Schickert: Backup point guard, George Hill did what he could and Jevon Carter gave some great minutes during the Bulls series, but with Carter moved back to the bench when Hill returned with Budenholzer opting for experience over youth, it became clear that Jrue Holiday was going to need to play a lion’s share of the minutes at point guard and it seemed like Jrue ran out of gas late in games.

Foley: I think our biggest need to be addressed this off-season and into next season would be our permitter defending. Plenty could be said about the Celtics getting lucky with a different player each night getting hot from 3 however it all comes back to the fact we didn’t close out the 3 or defend it particularly well. Again, we could spend all day arguing about how to change it and whether the coaching team was to blame but it all falls back to the fact the league is changing and we need to adapt with it to defend the 3.

Valind: The Milwaukee Bucks certainly need to address their depth at the point guard position this offseason. In my personal opinion, their lack of depth behind Jrue Holiday is what cost them their season against Boston. Despite receiving big minutes in the Boston series, George Hill was nowhere to be found. In fact, there was not a single game that Hill played in the series where he managed to register a positive +/-. At the very least, the team needs to upgrade from Hill, even if it isn’t what you’d consider to be a blockbuster move.

Marzion: I honestly don’t think they have one huge need that stands out, but I’d say a better backup point guard. I know so many people think they need more players who can create their own offense because of how much they struggled in the Boston series, but with Middleton healthy, that basically takes care of that problem. Hill really killed us in the Boston series with his minutes, and I think they need someone better in that backup point guard role. Preferably someone who can score.