Roundtable: How the Milwaukee Bucks can improve this NBA offseason

MIAMI, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 08 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 08 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Pat Connaughton, Charlotte Hornets: P.J. Washington
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No. 2 – Whether it be through free agency, trade, or the draft, who is one realistic player you would like to see the Milwaukee Bucks acquire this offseason?

Sell: Keeping things within the realm of possibility, the ideal trade target for me is P.J. Washington, who just wrapped up his third season with the Charlotte Hornets. The 6-foot-7 power forward has all of the attributes to be a perfect fit with the Milwaukee Bucks, including defensive versatility, an outside shot, and reliable scoring. Due to all of those factors, Washington could undoubtedly be an interesting candidate to fill Milwaukee’s small ball power forward vacancy. The 23-year-year old is also on an affordable contract as he is set to make $5.8 million next season, which only sweetens the pot for a team like the Bucks that is short on financial flexibility. Adding Washington would not be a league-altering move, but it would help patch up a prominent flaw on this Milwaukee roster.

Furlong: This is probably an underwhelming name but I’d be really happy if the Bucks could come away with Taurean Prince from this offseason. At 6-foot-7 and 218 pounds, he has the size to fill the Bucks’ need on the wing and can reliably play small-ball power forward which would help unlock the lineups with Antetokounmpo at center the way P.J. Tucker did. He’s a good 3-point shooter and should fit within their $6.4 million taxpayer mid-level exception if he wants to leave Minnesota.

Griffith: One specific player I would like to see the Bucks make a run for on a realistic note is Mo Bamba. Orlando will likely be moving on from Bamba and he would be a perfect fit for the Bucks system. Between his ability to shoot the three ball as a big man, and protect the paint down low, Bamba would be great to have in Milwaukee.

Schickert: George Hill, like Brook Lopez, isn’t getting any younger and his availability was largely unreliable for major chunks of the season, including the first round of the playoffs, should the Bucks be able to find a trade parter for the veteran, release him or hold onto him and add another point guard is a discussion for another time. Regardless of what they do with Hill, I’d like to see another point guard that can play in the rotation regularly. Retaining Jevon Carter who shot 50.6 percent on field goals and 55.8 percent on threes for the Bucks after signing towards the end of the season, could crack the playoff rotation with more trust and experience under Head Coach Mike Budenholzer. Carter is just 26, if the Bucks bring him back he could get some valuable experience during the regular season.

Zippan: If available in the draft at #24, the Bucks should pick E.J. Liddell.  He would instantly fit their needs and would be the best player available. He is a 6’7” wing player that is strong, can defend and occasionally hit shots, which he has improved on his last season in college at Ohio State.  He plays similar to Grant Williams and would fill the loss of PJ Tucker, who the Bucks missed desperately this past season.

Foley: I’d love to see us sign Mo Bamba. He’s likely going to be leaving the magic. He’s only 24, improved year on year and would be a great long term replacement for Brook Lopez. Financially there would be difficulties getting him on to the roster but he’s a great all round player and can provide plenty on both sides of the court. I’ve written an article of Free Agent Centres we could sign and personally io think he’d be a great signing and I’d love to see him but up in Milwaukee green next season.

Valind: One realistic player that I would like to see the Milwaukee Bucks acquire this offseason is Dennis Schroder. Around the time of the trade deadline this season, one of the names that the team was rumored to be interested in was Schroder. Schroder will bring the team a veteran point guard, just as they had in Hill, while being significantly younger at 28. Another reason why the team should bring in Schroder is because he has played under coach Mike Budenholzer before. Familiarity in Budenholzer’s system and still remaining as a quality role player would be a great add for Milwaukee.

Marzion: I doubt they do it, but I really would like to see them get Mo Bamba, who reportedly wants out of Orlando. He’s young, mobile, can protect the rim, and is starting to develop a nice shot. I feel like he is a big who could extend our championship window and be good on both ends. It feels like we are going to need to begin to get younger pretty quickly here.