Milwaukee Bucks 2022 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Christian Koloko

TUCSON, ARIZONA - MARCH 03 (Photo by Rebecca Noble/Getty Images)
TUCSON, ARIZONA - MARCH 03 (Photo by Rebecca Noble/Getty Images) /
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Arizona Wildcats: Christian Koloko
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Milwaukee Bucks Draft Scouting Report: Christian Koloko – Weaknesses


Koloko was really good last year, but he is still raw and has to refine his game and consistency. He struggled to consistently play well in his first two years at Arizona prior to last season, and although it looks like he may have put it together as he has grown into his body, he is a little bit risky having only one good season under his belt. He was primarily a soccer player until about five years ago, so he still needs some time to learn the game. He can make mistakes such as bad passes or setting moving screens, but with the progress he has shown, those seem like things he can iron out with time and experience. Whichever team takes him will need to be a little bit patient.

Offensive Versatility

Although he has the potential to hit some jumpers, Koloko does not project to be a big offensive threat. He did not make a single three-pointer in his college career, and his shot still needs time and work. He is definitely not going to be a big who can handle the ball and get their own offense, as he operates more as a traditional center. He can struggle with his touch on layups when he isn’t dunking the ball, which may be a bad sign about his shooting touch as a whole. The bottom line is that Koloko should not be drafted with the expectation that he can be an offensive weapon, and as a result his upside is probably limited.