Milwaukee Bucks 2022 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Bryce McGowens

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - JANUARY 14 (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - JANUARY 14 (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /
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Nebraska Cornhuskers: Bryce McGowens
WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – JANUARY 14: (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Milwaukee Bucks Draft Scouting Report: Bryce McGowens – Weaknesses


Bryce McGowens has struggled to be a reliable passer at guard. He had one or fewer assist in 20 out of his 31 games at Nebraska last season despite having the ball in his hands a lot and playing the lead guard role. He tends to dribble too much and decide to force shots instead of finding open teammates. When he does pass, it isn’t very effective, as shown by his assist numbers. He ended the season with 22 more turnovers than assists. He will need to learn how to be more unselfish and a better passer.

Shooting Efficiency

Looking at the numbers, McGowens was not an efficient player last season. He had poor percentages all around, including 27 percent from three, 30 percent on all jumpers in the half court, 24 percent on jumpers off the dribble in the half court, and 50 percent around the rim. He very much struggled when playing against tough competition and shot just 22 percent on his guarded catch-and-shoot shots, not showing the ability to make tough shots very well. A lot of his scoring ability has not been consistently put on display, and his potential is more a product of his physical tools than actual results. A lot of this is a result of poor shot selection and forcing things too much, and he must improve his decision making and consistency.


He has the physical tools to be a good defender, but Bryce McGowens is not good on that end right now. He has poor fundamentals, awareness, and effort, and he needs to improve in basically every way. He loses focus off-ball too much and doesn’t provide any resistance on-ball. He is often out of position, flat-footed, reaching in, or not trying very hard. Overall, he is a very poor defender right now who has a lot of work to do to really reach his potential on that end.