Milwaukee Bucks 2022 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Christian Braun

Mar 27, 2022; Chicago, IL, USA; Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 27, 2022; Chicago, IL, USA; Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kansas Jayhawks: Christian Braun, Villanova Wildcats: Collin Gillespie, Caleb Daniels
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Milwaukee Bucks Draft Scouting Report: Christian Braun – Weaknesses


Christian Braun has not really shown a ton in terms of one-on-one scoring on the perimeter. He rarely was asked to do much isolation scoring, and on isolation possessions he shot just 28.6 percent. He shot it decently off the dribble overall in the half court (35.3 percent), but it came on a very low sample, as that is really not his role. One thing he needs to work on to improve his self-creation game is his floater, which he shot just 34 percent on last season. He can score in the open floor, on spot up threes, or going downhill, but shouldn’t be relied upon to consistently create his own shot on the perimeter.

Struggles Against Good Competition

This is definitely a nitpicky flaw, but Braun did struggle a bit against good teams throughout his career at Kansas. He shot just 33.5 percent from three against “Tier A” competition (top 50 opponents) compared to 42.5 percent in all other games, according to KenPom. His effective field goal percentage also dropped to 48.6 percent in “Tier A” games compared to  59.8 percent in all other games. It’s definitely noteworthy that he struggled to score efficiently in the bigger games.